6 new Weapons, 6 new mods, 6 new drugs, 6 new gangs, 6 new Phreaks for Cy Borg
A Cy Borg class of lab-created Jacks-of-all-trades
You used to be an insignificant piece of code, now you are free
A pseudo-gnostic supplement for CY_BORG
10 new Apps, 10 new Cybertech, 10 new Nano powers for Cy Borg
Special abilities for Thieves in Old School D&D
Un piccolo sistema di abilità speciali per rendere un poco più interessanti i Ladri in D&D Old School e retro-cloni
Practical advice for GMs that have a hard time coming up with adventure ideas and handling one-shots
Consigli per Game Master che trovano difficoltà a sviluppare e gestire sessioni di gioco autoconclusive
Gioco di narrazione ispirato al ciclo di Terramare di Ursula K Le Guin
Rules-lite Cyberpunk ttrpg
A rules-light Swords and Planet role playing game
An OSRIC adventure for levels 5-7
A new class for BX compatible games
Sick of classes and levels in your whitebox or BX game? Have alook here! Includes a reworked magic system
Ideas for Non-Vancean magic in Old School D&D, and no, no Magic Points, promise
Combining character skill and player skill in the OSR
Avventure su un pianeta di frontiera
A fighting man
Art of a superheroine
Fantasy 2d art
2d art, sci-fi
2d art, color, grayscale and BW
Color, bw, and grayscale 2D art
Middle-ages style art of fantasy adventurers hunting a Leviathan
Color, grayscale and BW, science fantasy, art of a semi-human warrior
Color art of an elf cavalier
FU: The Freeform/Universal RPG. FU è un gioco di azione, avventura e divertimento!
Gioco di ruolo weird fantasy low-fi
Gioco di ruolo OSR italiano