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Bas Nak Dur's heart leaped in rejoicing for Gavna Uzal Baiella, Zoolama of Vhime, still lived!

He saw her dragged to the foot of huge obelisk. He saw the Brute address her. He could not hear the creature's words, nor Gavna's reply; but it must have angered the huge monster, for Bas Nak Dur saw him leap toward the prisoner, striking her a cruel blow across the face with his metal-banded arm.

Then the White Knight of Helicon, went mad. The old, blood-red haze through which he had glared at countless foes, floated before his eyes. His muscles, responding quickly to his will, sent him in one leap to face the albino monstrosity that had struck the woman he loved. Then he was on the astonished Brute...

Under the moons of Zoon is a quick-paced rules-light Swords and Planet role playing game inspired by Edgar Rice Burroughs' Barsoom.

Within the 80 pages that comprise the game you'll find:

  • A quick and easy character generation that will allow you to create any kind of character: from hardened warriors to psionicists, from scientists to nomadic giant brutes that walk the lands of Zoon.
  • A complete Planetary Romance setting.
  • A Universal system resolution that works onthe simple roll of two six-sided dice.
  • A mass combat system.
  • Rules for creating scientific marvels.
  • A complete Psionics system.
  • A full bestiary of Zoon.
  • An introductory adventure: "A Princes of Zoon".

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Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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